Index Tower DIFC - Breath of Light


“It started with the idea of doing something more conceptual,” explained Michael Vasku, Creative Director at Preciosa. “We wanted to lower the light down to a human level. Most of the time it’s a crown, hidden away up there as an unreachable chandelier. Here we want you to get up close.”

The breath-as-light function was inspired partly by the manner in which historic chandeliers would have their flames blown out to darken the room, though flipped and reversed so that breath creates the illumination rather than ending it.

concept by Michael Vasku and Anreas Klug
styling, site - specific installation for the Index Mall by Anezka Zavadova


Anežka Závadová © 2022

Voronoi Installation


Mesmerizing Layered Etherial Voronoi installation glows during the sunset, creating a welcoming atmosphere for the guests at the entrance and the reception.

I'm so proud that with our new project we were at the edge of the technological possibilities. We went as big as possible and pushed the boundaries and we achieved an ambient blend of hues of the amber shards using the fusing technology. It was an amazing journey until the final installation.

The size of the Voronoi tiles is quite spectacular. We also applied the protection layer, so the tiles will be perfectly secured. I am glad to see the project finished after two years. We combined our advanced technics of fusing.

It will bring an  ethereal and meditative beauty above and the reception.
Big thanks to the whole Preciosa Team!


Anežka Závadová © 2022

EXPO 2021 - Saudi Arabia Pavilion


The Saudi Pavilion offers a glimpse into our shared future, taking you on a journey through our ambitions across four main pillars: people, nature, heritage and opportunities.

Preciosa is proud to be part of such an immersive and futuristic exposition of the Expo KSA Pavillion exhibition. Particularly the ceiling installation above the escalator invites visitors to look into a vision of KSA in 2030. The finest hand-blown Bohemian installation made of 2030 single crafted components shaped in Faceted, polygonal shape. reflects the emitted light from the projections from both sides. The multisensory show brings visitors to the vision of the future. The future witch introduces many visionary projects, specifically the Middle East Green Initiative, Low Research Reactor, Water Desalination Project Using Solar Power, Saudi Genome Program, etc

Saudi Arabia’s planned projects highlight the Kingdom’s efforts toward economic, social, and cultural diversification and are the crown jewel of Vision 2030.

Anežka Závadová © 2022

Arboretum - Jumeirah Al Qasr, Dubai

Arboretum is an all-day-dining restaurant located within the five-star Jumeirah Al Qasr, a luxurious hotel in Dubai’s Madinat Jumeirah Resort.

Light and Spacious environment. The timeless eclectic elegant interior embraces an Arabian and international presence designed by my dear friend Paul Bishop. I am glad I had an opportunity to embellish the space with our Crystal Cracked Desert installation.

Inspired by Geometry of Cracked Desert. Nature creates a gorgeous regular yet sophisticated seamless pattern. The light shining through the installation creates an ambience that is both whimsical and luxurious in its elegance.

Interior design by Paul Bishop
Bespoke Light Installation by Anezka Zavadova

Anežka Závadová © 2022

Crystal Ballerinas

Have you seen our dazzling new project, the concept of Dancing Ballerinas?

It is designed to evoke the world of ballet and inspired by Degas paintings that merge classical beauty and modern realism.

With our Craftmanship that breathes life into precious, unique pieces, we wanted to capture the atmosphere of Degas paintings - the spirit of classicism, to whose principles of elegance, simplicity, and style. It is a world of soft pastel hues of pink and amber, the most delightful colors that warm and lights space.

Anežka Závadová © 2022