Anezka Zavadova 

Anezka Zavadova has been with Preciosa Lighting since 2016. As a senior designer in the company’s Middle East affiliate, she works with architects and designers across the region to develop the specific design and light solutions. Her strength lies in her ability to conceptualize and create memorable lighting installations that fit a space’s size, usage and style. In her work, she likes to combine industrial procedures that seek to enrich her artistic approach. Some of her more notable projects include the Mandarin Oriental in Dubai, Atlantis at The Palm and Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island Resort, Abu Dhabi. She has degrees in both stage design and product design.


Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, Studio of Product Design. The Head of the studio is MgA. Jan Capek, the assistant professor, is MgA. Karel Matejka

Residencies / Internships

2014 - 2015  internship at Bezalel Academy of art and design in Jerusalem, Industrial design, Department of Benjamin Swig. Head of the studio MA. Haim Parnas

2011 internship in Turkey at the Akdeniz University in Antalya


2018 Captured Worms as a part of exhibition Monumentalni Topografie. Muzeum města Ústí nad Labem

2018 Designblok Prague - LIM Collection

2017Designblok Prague - Lighting Worms

2016 Křehká síla skla / Fragile force of glass - Dorotheum

2016 X change project presented in Fiat Torino, Italy

2015 Mikatchu chair in the Decore Gallery, Design Shaker exhibition

2015 Participation at the exchange exhibition, Main gallery of the Fine Arts. Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem

2014  CZECH DESIGN WEEK, participation at the exhibition with a Mikatchu Chair

2014 Staged Designshow, Messe Dresden, nomination at the exhibition, Germany

2014 Armaturka, participation at the exhibition: Smell, Ústi nad Labem

2010 Design from Ústí, participation at the exhibition, Prague



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