The Address Fountain Views


The three-tower complex overlooks Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain. Towers 1 and 3 each have 59 floors and Tower 2 has 65 floors. The building offers a panoramic city viewpoint gracing Dubai's skyline.

Designers from HBA Dubai asked Preciosa to create a unique visual story interpreted through the high craftsmanship of crystal installations for the property.

Petra Paušová and Anežka Závadová design team located in Dubai were designing a couple of directions but the idea which resonated with HBA the most was the inspiration of the reflection of the water inspired by the Dubai Fountain. Petra invented the idea of the Crystal component falling through the wire net. Anezka was more focused on the overall cracking shape of the Voronoi pattern net. The idea was very well received and then the design team tweaked and polished the details for the final production.

“We got inspired by the impression of the water. And were able to reflect this abstract idea in the physical installations and this story we imprinted in other intallations with various design approaches in the property”

The metal frame is dynamically shaped. In some parts, the cells are dramatically bigger than in the other parts. Also, we wanted to emphasize the tectonic cracking effect of the structure. Some cells are filled with crystal components having the LED Strip integrated around the element. Some components are falling through the reflection net also with integrated LED Module. This solution offers multiple illumination scenes.

With this design, we achieved a dazzling elegant light spectacle - a timeless installation celebrating A captivating Dubai water fountain landmark.

Design by Anežka Závadová and Petra Paušová
Photography credit: Ales Vyslouzil

Anežka Závadová © 2022