Private Villa Dubai  

For a private villa in Dubai, La Casa Design Studio asked Preciosa to design and produce lighting with no other direction then it should be modern and fit their existing design proposal.Five different spaces in the beachfront home feature bespoke Preciosa lighting. Greeting guests is a geometric design with a bit of an Art Deco vibe. These triangular shapes were designed and developed specially for this project. The glass was frosted and then coloured which gives the pieces an almost textual appearance. A smaller version of this installation was replicated in the powder room. The tailored shape of these components was used in a different installation for the villa’s office. Here our designer decided on flat glass with a white cut, again adding a touch of texture to the lighting.

Triangles with round edges. Bohemian Crystal - a material with such a long tradition displayed in a contemporary way. The linear sources are distributed in some of the triangles to create a unique light atmosphere, which nicely outlines the style of the entire villa. I am proud to show one of my first realizations in Dubai. Preciosa team accomplished such amazing bespoke Piece of Art.

The minimalistic triangular installation brings a modern and contemporary vibe. I feel lucky to had a chance to design such a modern piece.

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