Flow - paddle boat

Flow represent an innovative concept in terms of shape and construction of a paddle boat that aims is to popularize recreation on this type of vessel. The treddle supports healthy exercise in fresh air. Water recreation contributes to physical and spiritual health.

The netting provides easy accessibility on the vessel and high comfort. Flou is designed for fresh or salty water, the mechanical part is lubricated by water. The effective motion is ensured by the propeller. The paddle boat is not assigned only for young people, but for everyone who wants to enjoy unconventional boating on the water surface and experience a valuable design. The paddle boat can be disassembled into parts, which facilitates the transport.

The Design was created on the basis of collected information about a market situation, hydrodynamic laws and with the idea to attract attention with its intriguing shape to bring comfort at the water surface. Creativity, attractivity and comfort all define the treddle Flow!


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