Peloria Modular System

I wanted to create a design that would be based on the unique properties of the OLED panels. (the flexibility and no need for diffuser).  Inspired by The Perfect Imperfection of symmetry of blossom. The modular system consists of one basic cell, a triangle. The arm of such a triangle is a bent metal stripe. Stripes are bolted together. The basic cell can be repeated as per needs of an interior designer. The modular system may be used in horizontal or vertical arrangements. The installation may be arranged as a single pendant, decorative wall, the dividing wall or the design can cover the whole ceiling. The OLED panel is fixed to a bent metal stripe. Surface finished can be selected to match the interior.

One of the advantages of Peloria Modular System  is that it may fit into various types of interiors, such as offices, public spaces, hotels, private villas, etc. Another advantage comes from the modular system which consists of one component hence fabrication and installation shell be easy and price-friendly, but the modular system itself may produce many multiple shapes and designs.  The installation is wired in series, so we can achieve a dynamic light scene if required.

The modular system consists of one metal bent stripe. this stripe may be repeated multiple times as per the needs of the design. The OLED panel is glued to a metal stripe. Metal stripes are bolted together.  Surface finishes may variate as per the clients' requirements and needs of an interior designer. Modular System may be fixed directly to a horizontal or vertical surface or it may be fixed via wires to the ceiling.  The final price may differ as per the total amount of the pieces in the installation and as per the surface finish of the metal stripe. The basic prize of one element (80 x 5cm, powder-coated) is assumed as 5,4 EU. The prize include bolted joints, and exclude  the cost of the OLED or any wiring and fixing.


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